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Resource Register

Target Audience: Users, Developers


As part of your Marketing Themes, you can now also configure a resource register of your own, straight from your PAP. While this resource register will not have any effects on it's own, and should not be confused with editing text resources for your PCP, it can be a powerful tool when it comes to implementing your own solutions and integrating with Payway.

Configuring a resource

In order to configure your first resource, navigate to PAP => Control panel => Resource register => Add resource. In this view, you will be able to decide on a few things:

  • Key: The identifying key of the resource (i.e. "Header").
  • Value: The value of the resource (i.e. "Hello world") .
  • Title: The optional title the resource should belong to.

When a resource has been created, we will validate that the resource is unique, which takes the Key and Title into consideration.

Generally speaking, each resource must have a unique key. However, if a title is selected, multiple resources with the same key can exist, as long as they exist on different titles. Having a default resource with no given title, even if the resource already exists on another title, is also possible.

Using a resource

After having your first resource configured, you can now use our Marketplace API in order to fetch your configured resource register.