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Figure Meaning
To login you need to enter your credentials you already have in Tulo Payway, if you do not have an account in Payway please contact your Payway administrator or superuser to create an account and assign credentials to be able to login to Subscriber. See below for instructions.

  • "Organisation", enter the "organisation id" for your organisation in Payway.
  • "E-mail", enter the email address of your account in Payway.
  • Enter your password

Adding new users to Subscriber

An administrator with access to the "Security" feature in Tulo Payway admin can assign Subscriber privileges to users, making it possible for them to login to the application.

Instructions can be viewed in this video:

About the login button

The login button will not be enabled until you have entered valid values in the login-fields:

  • A valid organisation id in Payway.
  • A valid email address.
  • A password at least 6 characters long.