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Purchase status


Target audience: Developers

Release version: 4.4.3

Get the status of a Klarna Instant Shopping purchase


This endpoint gets the status of a klarna instant shopping purchase. This information is used to display information to the user on the page where the Klarna Instant Shopping purchase is done.


Environment URI


Identity Scope
No /external/klarna_payments/r

Curl example

curl --request GET \
  --url<Purchase id> \
  --header 'authorization: Bearer <token>' \
  --header 'accept: application/json'


The response is sent as application/json.

Example of a successful response:

  "item": {
    "status": "pending|approved|declined",
    "decline_reason": "|campaign_purchase_rules_does_not_permit_purchase|campaign_already_purchased|package_already_active|payment_declined",
    "account_status": "known|created|logged_in",
    "account_id": "585a4768edce2c5e6f000001"
Parameter Description
status Status of the purchase, values described below
decline_reason Reason for the purchase being declined, values described below
account_status Account status, values described below
account_id The account id either supplied when creating the Klarna instant purchase session, the id of the account identified based on the Klarna data or the id of the account that was created
Status Description
pending The purchase process has not yet completed.
approved The purchase process is completed and the was successful
declined The purchase process is completed and was not successful
Decline reason Description
campaign_purchase_rules_does_not_permit_purchase Campaign purchase rules does not permit the purchase
campaign_already_purchased There are no campaign rules for the campaign and the campaign is already purchased
package_already_active Package or campaign is already active
payment_declined Klarna Instant Shopping declined the payment
empty string An approved purchase will have a empty string in the field decline reason
Account status Description
known A existing account in Payway was identified based on the data received from Klarna
created A account was created based on the data received from Klarna
logged_in A account id was supplied, indicating that the customer was identified prior to initiating the purchase


This API uses the common error conventions of the Payway API

See common error responses