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Payway payment method - Direct debit

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This document describes the direct_debit and the directdebit_recurring payment method integration available in Tulo Payway.

Payment method Type Recurring support Tulo provisioned Supported countries Supported way to integrate
Directdebit directdebit No Yes FI Payway API,
Directdebit recurring directdebit_recurring Yes Yes and No FI Payway API,

What is Direct debit

Direct debit is a payment method offering online banking payments.

What is Direct debit recurring

Direct debit recurring is a payment method offering customers to pay the initial transaction using direct debit. The subsequent payments are then handled externally using invoice.

Currently supported direct debit payment providers

Deprecated direct debit payment providers

Payment periods might still show up in Payway. But the integration is no longer active.


Direct debit

Direct debit recurring

Getting started

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