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Package Overview

Target Audience: Users, Stakeholders


This section describes the Payway Package concept.

What is a package

A package in Payway consists of one or more products, with each product representing the components that the package includes. When validating access to different products we recommend using the products that are included in the package as opposed to validating that the customer has specific packages. A subscription in Payway has a relation to a package or campaign that represents to what the customer is subscribing.

Managing packages

Packages can be created and edited in the PAP.


Name Description
Title The name of the package
Description Package description
Package code Code identifying the package
Integration code Code identifying the package in the External subscription system
Grace period The grace period determines how many days that the a customer have to correct a failed creditcard payment until the subscription is terminated. Applies to recurring subscriptions paid by creditcard.
Products The products that are included in the package
Sales period Dates indicating when the package is available for purchase
Customer can cancel subscription Determine if the customer can cancel a subscription via My account


Release version: 3.7.2
Tags allow the ability to add predefined tags to a package, which can be used for filtering/search in Payway AdminPortal and is also exposed via the External API.

How do I set the price of a package?

You set the price for a package by defining one or more payment periods. Read more about payment periods here

Export package purchases to external system


  • Supported integration between Payway and external system
  • Integration code set for package. See managing packages.