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Setup Sales

Target audience: Developers, Stakeholders


This section of the documentation covers how you setup sales with Billecta in the Payway purchase flow.

What is a payment period?

A payment period defines the price and length of a package or campaign and how it is paid. The payment period consists of the following elements

Name Value Description
Payment type Limited/Recurring A limited payment is only paid once, a recurring continues until cancelled
Period type Year/Month/Week/Day The periods frequency
Period length Numeric The periods length
Payment method Various Payment method that is used for the specific period
Price Numeric The price of the specific period
Active True/False If active the period is visible in the PPF

Create a new payment period

  • Log in to PAP.
  • Go to Packages & Campaigns.
  • Create a new package or campaign / click on an existing package or campaign.
    • If a new one is created, fill in the desired values, and click Save.
  • Click Edit package period / Edit campaign period .
  • Fill in the desired values for the payment period.
  • Click Save.