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Campaign ladders

Target Audience: Administrators

Release version: 4.5.6


This section describes how to set up and start using campaign ladders in PAP.

These ladders also go by the following name: Ranked Campaign Groups.

What are campaign ladders?

Campaign ladders are a collection of campaigns of a specific package. The campaigns can be rank ordered internally and there is a Payway API endpoint to get the first campaign that a specific customer account can purchase.

Campaign rules are evaluated if such are set up for any of the campaigns. if the customer account is not eligible to purchase any of the campaigns then evaluation is made if the customer account can purchase the package.

This can be used i.e. to offer a range of campaigns on a paywall.

How to start using campaign ladders

You will find campaign ladders in the left menu by navigating to Packages & Campaigns in the PAP. After creating your campaign ladder you can use the Payway API from i.e. your sites paywall to fetch which campaign a specific customer account can purchase. A campaign ladder that exists but is not enabled will not yield any result from the API call.