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Share subscription

Target Audience: Users, Stakeholders

Release version: 3.7.4


This section describes the sharing of a subscription in Payway.


A shareable subscription must be

  • A valid package or campaign: Packages can be shared, campaigns on a shareable package will automatically inherit the sharing configuration from the packge.
  • Only one sharing configuration: A package can only be assigned to one configuration.
  • Integration must be based on the Payway Common Subscription System Integration in order for sharings on campaigns provisioned by the subscription system to remain intact upon campaign transitioning to normal.


Campaigns will automatically inherit the sharing configuration from the package it is based on.

A campaign that transitions to a normal price subscription will keep all shares made during the campaign subscription.

How to share a subscription (Sharer)

  1. Go to my account, click "Share package" Share package 1

  2. Supply receiver emails. The number of receivers is determined from the configuration. Share package 2

How to accept a shared subscription (Receiver)

  1. If the user does not have an account hen will be required to create an account.

  2. Go to my account, click "Accept invitation" Receive package 1

  3. The receiver is provisioned the shared package Receive package 2

How can I edit the sharing configurations of a package? (Administrator)

A configuration is no longer attached directly to a package. Instead you assign a package to a sharing configuration. Allowing you to assign many packages to a single configuration and not have to edit each package individually. You create sharing configurations from PAP.

Disable sharing for specific package

If you want to disable sharing for a specific package you simply remove the package from the configuration. To find which configuration you can search for it in the "Sharing configuration overview". See below. You can search for configuration name, package code, package name or package description.

Edit share package 1