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Tulo Activation


This application is separate from the builtin Payway activation system which primarily is used when activating digital accounts for existing subscribers.


Tulo Activation is an application suitable for activating a larger amount of digital accounts with digital subscriptions for external companies and organizations with which you have an agreement outside of Payway.

For example, you can use Tulo Activation to set up a separate activation site for a specific company/organization, where you allow all of their employees/members to activate a digital account with a digital subscription. The activation site can be branded for your organization and the company/organization and accessed through your URL.

The application comes in two different flavors, file- and email-based activation.

File-based activation

This activation type is suitable for an organization where the members have lots of different patterns in their email address, in this case the organization needs to supply a datafile that contains the active members in the organization.

  • An account that is present in the datafile can activate their digital account.
  • If the organization updates the datafile and removes some members, Tulo Activation will deactivate their subscription.

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Email-based activation

This activation type is suitable for organizations where the employees have email-addresses belonging to the same domain. With this method it is possible to setup an activation site for a company which will accept activation of digital accounts based on that the employee has an email-address that for example ends with or

Access to the subscription can then be managed through a administrative panel where it's possible to deactivate an account when the employee no longer works at the company.

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