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Update credit card information

Target Audience: Users, Stakeholders

Release version: 4.1.0


This section describes updating credit card information for a subscription.


  • Active: The subscription needs to be active, not frozen or cancelled.
  • Tulo provisioned: Payment must be handled by Tulo Payway.
  • Payment provider: PayEx as credit card payment provider (more provides will be supported in the future)
  • Sync to subscription system: The renewal date needs to be changed in your subscription system if the subscription is synced. Depending on your subscription system the date might differ from the date in Tulo Payway. Contact support for more info.

How to change credit card information for a subscription?

The customer can change his or hers credit card information connected to a subscription from "My account" under subscriptions.

How will the customers know when to update their credit card information?

An e-mail will go out to the user notifying them that their card is about to expire. In the e-mail they can follow the link to "My account" and update their card.

An e-mail will go out

  • 30 days before card expiration
  • 7 days before card expiration

How can you enable this email?

There are as two ways of sending a reminder e-mail to the customer

  1. Enable the e-mail template "payment_agreement_expire".
  2. Custom e-mail provider configured to receive the event "payment_agreement_expire".

Contact Adeprimo for more information.