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This feature is available as a beta.

Tulo Identity

Target Audience: Users, Stakeholders, Developers


Tulo Identity in Payway started off as a way for our customers to have strong authentication for invoice orders. But the possibilities do not end there. Thanks to the Tulo Identity module we'll be able to unlock so much more.

  • Strong authentication for any order, not just invoices.
  • New ways to authenticate users using Mobilt BankID(Sweden) or Finnish Bank eIDs(Finland).
  • Improved onboarding using prefilled information such as name, and address.

Get started

Tulo Shops

If you are using Tulo shops there's built-in support for Tulo Identity.

Please contact us and we'll happily discuss how to leverage Tulo Identity in shops.


You can also integrate with Tulo Identity yourself by using our APIs. Read more about it here.