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Target Audience: Users

Release version: 4.1.0


The Account Timeline is an event based feature that enabled the customer service employee (or anyone else with access) to access a simple timeline on the customer overview that shows what has happened on the account.



Events generated under the old "Account History" was migrated and can now be found here.

Account events can be triggered for a various number of reasons and provide information on what has happened to the account over time.


Field Name Example value Description
type comment What type of event that was triggered.
message Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras bibendum urna vel faucibus volutpat. Short description of what has happened.
producer The user or service who triggered the event.
proprietor customer@domain.tld The account which the event triggered on.
created_at 2019-05-01T23:59:59+01:00
updated_at 2019-05-02T23:59:59+01:00

The producer can be a variety of things, sometimes ‘System’, or ’CProfit’, which states that the change was made either by Payway automatically, by the subscription system integration, or similar.

If the producer is an e-mail address this indicates that the event was triggered by an account in Payway.


Name Description
:account Indicates that the event triggered on something account specific.
:comment Indicates that the event is a comment written by a customer service employee.
:contact Indicates that the event is an acceptance or rejection of contact channel.
:order Indicates that the event is regarding an order.
:sharing Indicates that the event is regarding a subscription sharing.
:subscription Indicates that the event is regarding a subscription.
:system Indicates that the event is regarding a system change.
:password Indicates that the event is regarding a password change.
:payment Indicates that the event is regarding a payment.
:voucher Indicates that the event is regarding a voucher.

Which events are logged?

Event Type Added Description
Account created :account 2018-08-08
Customer number changed :account 2018-08-08
Renewal date changed :subscription 2018-08-08
Request password reset :password 2018-08-08
Password reset complete :password 2018-08-08
Order closed :order 2018-08-08
Gift order closed :order 2018-08-08
Trial order closed :order
Reactivation of subscription :subscription 2018-08-08
Cancellation of subscription :subscription 2018-08-08
Subscription upgraded :subscription 2019-01-22
Subscription downgraded :subscription 2019-01-22
Subscription freeze :subscription 2018-08-08
Subscription terminated :subscription
Suspended payments :payment 2018-08-08
Resumed payments :payment 2018-08-08
Voucher redeemed :voucher 2018-08-08
Subscription sharing sent :sharing 2019-02-06
Subscription sharing accepted :sharing 2019-02-06
Subscription sharing removed :sharing 2019-02-06
Product distribution address changed :distribution
Product distribution method changed :distribution
Offline subscripton added without customer interaction :subscription
Subscription added without customer interaction :subscription
Overpayment for order :payment
Offline payment re-sent :payment
Credit payment received :payment
Partial payment received :payment
Payment received :payment
Payment profile assigned :order
Order address changed :subscription
Product deactivated, since payment failed :payment
Set marketing permissions :account
Payment retry successful :payment
Payment failed, will try again :payment
Requested package change :subscription
Requested package downgrade :subscription
Requested package upgrade :subscription
Upgraded package :subscription
Switch subscription with order :subscription
Change credit card details :subscription
Change credit card details initiated :subscription
Change payment method initiated :subscription
Subscription in intermission :subscription
Requested email change :account
Verify email change :account
Change account status :account
Change mobile phone :account
Insufficient in-process funds for merchant :payment The merchant Adyen account does not have enough funds to process a refund. The refund will not be automatically retried, which means you should check your available funds in your merchant account, and attempt to run the refund again.
Refund was initialized for order, but failed :payment A refund was triggered from Adyen for a order that has already been fully refunded. Payway will log the event to the customers timeline, but will otherwise not handle the refund.