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Update account


Target audience: Developers

Release version: 4.7.5

Update account


This endpoint updates an account.


Environment URI


Identity Scope
Yes /external/me/w


Field Required Type Description
first_name Optional String The account's first name.
Size range: ..1024
last_name Optional String The account's last name.
Size range: ..1024
alias Optional String The account alias.
Size range: ..1024
mobile_phone_number Optional String The account's mobile phone number.
Allowed values: "/^[+,0]?[0-9]{10,12}$/"
social_security_number Optional String The account's social security number. This value must be unique.
Allowed values: "dddddd-dddd"
birth_date Optional String The account's birth date.
Size range: 10
Allowed values: "YYYY-MM-DD"
company_registration_number Optional String The account's company registration number.
Allowed values: "dddddd-dddd"
company_name Optional String The account's company name.
Size range: ...1024
account_origin Optional String The origin of the account. E.g. the newspaper title.
Size range: ..1024
address Optional Address Object Address object. Fields marked as required is always required in order to update any field of the address.

Curl Example

curl --request PUT \
  --url \
  --header 'accept: application/json' \
  --header 'authorization: Bearer <access_token_with_identity>' \
  --header 'content-type: application/json' \
  --data '{
            "mobile_phone_number": "0734567890",
            "address": {
              "first_name": "Anders",
              "last_name": "Andersson",
              "street": "Anders Gata",
              "street_number": "123",
              "zip_code": "83145",
              "city": "Anderstorp",
              "country_code": "SE"


Field Description
id id of the updated account
ok Array of strings of the updated fields
errors Array of error objects containing the fields that failed to update

Example Response

HTTP 207 Multi-Status
    "id": "50f3ac249f6aef294d000007",
    "ok": ["name","mobile_phone_number"],
    "errors": [
          "field": "social_security_number", 
          "code": "invalid_parameter", 
          "message": "Parameter must match format (?-mix:^[0-9]{6}-[0-9]{4}$)"
          "field": "address", 
          "code": "last_name", 
          "message": "last_name must_be_set"
The "ok" key holds all the fields that were successfully updated. The "errors" key holds all the errors accumulated during the update.

This means we update that what we can and inform you of what fields could not be updated.


This API uses the common error conventions of the Payway API

See common error responses