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Retention Campaigns

Target Audience: Users, Stakeholders

Release version: 4.4.0


This section describes the general concept of retention campaigns in Payway.

What are retention campaigns?

Retention campaigns are a way for organisations to offer a special and otherwise non-accessible campaign to their end-users. They are not enabled by default.

How are retention campaigns set up?

Retention Campaigns are set up as a configuration per package in the PAP. The campaigns that are offered to the end-user are inherently campaigns and work as before.

Read more on how to set up a retention campaign for your organisation here.

When will a retention campaign trigger?

A retention campaign will trigger whenever a user decides to cancel their current subscription, if the underlying package of the subscription has one or more configured retention campaigns (including a compatible payment period). Each retention campaign can only be used once, and as such, if a user has used all the retention campaigns for a certain package, they will simply not be offered one.

Example 1:

  • User purchases a package and starts their subscription

  • User decides they no longer want their package, goes to the PCP and ends their subscription

  • User receives the offer of a retention campaign. Upon accepting the campaign, they are bound them to the campaign, and as such the transfer cannot be aborted. If declined, the cancel-subscription flow continues like normal.

  • The original package eventually expires, and the user gets the retention campaign instead

Example 2:

  • User is in the middle of a retention campaign

  • User decides they no longer want the retention campaign, goes to the PCP and ends their subscription

  • If an additional step in the retention staircase exists, the campaign is offered to the user

  • If the user accepts, they receive the new subscription once the old one expires. The transfer cannot be aborted. Otherwise, the cancel-subscription flow continues like before.

Example 3:

  • The same user as in the previous example returns after a year, and purchases the initial/underlying package

  • The user cancels their subscription, but since two out of the two available retention campaigns have been previously used, no retention campaign will be offered.

What is a compatible payment period?

A compatible payment period is a payment period that is enabled in the PAP and has the same payment option as the payment option used when the user performed their initial order.