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Retention Campaigns

Target Audience: Users, Stakeholders

Release version: 4.4.0


This section describes the general concept of retention campaigns in Payway.

What are retention campaigns?

Retention campaigns are a way for organisations to offer a special and otherwise non-accessible campaign to their end-users. They are not enabled by default.

How are retention campaigns set up?

Retention Campaigns are set up as a configuration per package in the PAP. The campaigns that are offered to the end-user are inherently campaigns and work as before.

Read more on how to set up a retention campaign for your organisation here.

When will a retention campaign trigger?

A retention campaign will trigger whenever a user decides to cancel their current subscription, if the underlying package of the subscription has one or more configured retention campaigns. Each retention campaign can only be used once, and as such, if a user has used all the retention campaigns for a certain package, they will simply not be offered one.