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Current status

The current operational status of the Subscriber application can be viewed on our status page. Please subscribe for updates.

FAQ (Knowledge base)

Question Answer
Why does "Active subscriptions end of period" on the Subscriptions page differ from the amount of subscriptions on the Start page? The Subscriptions page only shows subscriptions that are tagged with at least one tag while the Start page displays the total number of subscriptions.
How can I see my organisations title names instead of the title codes in the filter? You need to update the title configuration in Payway admin and set names for the different titles.
Can I use my own tags when filtering data in Subscriber? Yes, you can add your own tags and assign them to packages and campaigns in Payway admin.
Can I remove the "pw-*" tags in Payway admin? You can, but we definitely advise against that, as those tags provide a way to more easily compare data between different Payway organisations.
When will changes I make in Payway admin appear in Subscriber? Changes to data will be visible in Subscriber the day after the change was made.

Sending feedback

Please create a support request at Tulo - Support if you have questions, suggestions or problems with the application.