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Generate password

Target Audience: Users

Release version: 4.4.9


You're able to generate a new random password for a user in the Payway Administration Portal. The generated password is random and can not be manually changed/modified. Once set, the password will be in-use and the customer will not have to go through any kind of confirmation.

The format, length and complexity of the password is pre-defined by Adeprimo and cannot be changed.

How to generate and set the new password

In order to generate and set the new password for a customer, you simply navigate to the customer view in the PAP. Once there, you will see a menu item on the left hand side called "Generate password".

customer actions

Once clicked, you will be presented with a new view. This view will allow you to generate a new password any number of times, and set it in use by hitting "Save". Once the page is left, the saved password will no longer be readable. If you accidentally navigated to another view, a new password will need to be generated.

customer actions