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Cancellation reasons

Target Audience: Users, Stakeholders


This section describes the cancellation reason concept. The cancellation reason concept enables our users and their end users to cancel their subscription(s) with a user selected reason.

Manage cancellation reasons

You can manage cancellation reasons from PAP. Read more about managing your cancellation reasons here.

Cancel a subscription. How does it work?


  • Package must be Tulo provisioned

When the requirements are met a dialog will be visible in connection to the customer subscription overview. The administrator has the option of cancelling the subscription at the end of the current period or immediately.

When the subscription expires the end user will be notified via email.

Client portal

  • Package must support end user cancellation
  • Package must be Tulo provisioned

When the requirements are met and the end user selects the cancellation action from My Account a dialog requiring confirmation and a reason to complete the action.

When the action is completed the subscription will be cancelled at the end of the current period and the user will be notified via email.


When a subscription expires an event will be sent to your subscription system including information concerning the cancellation, such as the mapped* cancellation reason.

  • A mapped cancellation reason refers to the configured subscription systems cancellation code.

Internal cancellation reasons

There are a few cancellations reasons that are "hard-wired" into Payway. These cannot be removed but the integration code can of course be changed.

Internal reasons

Name Code Description Required Export to external subscription system
Payment failure payment_failure Recurring payment failed towards provider. E.g. Customer has insufficient funds on creditcard. Optional True
Grace period expired grace_period_expired Subscriber does not renew subscription in time after a failed payment. Optional True
Expiration passed expiration_passed Life span of subscription ends. Optional True
Campaign exhausted campaign_exhausted Life span of a non-transformable campaign subscription ends. Optional True
Default default Default reason used if no other provided. Depending on your integration we try to find the integration specific default reason first. If none is found we use the payway internal default reason. Required True
Default cancel reason new subscription default_cancel_reason_new_subscription Used when creating new subscription periods in Kayak to prevent Kayak from automatically creating new subscription periods. Only used when using subsckind 01 (recurring). Can be ommitted if integration is set up to do so. Optional True
No profile no_profile When a payment profile could not be found for a subscription that is provisioned by Payway Optional True
Invalid agreement invalid_agreement When the payment profile/agreement is invalid for a subscription that is provisioned by Payway Optional True
Payment retry failure payment_retry_failure When a automatic payment retries has failed for so long that the subscription is terminated Optional True
Intermission intermission Distribution of a subscription has entered intermission, either triggered by customer service or the customer themselves via the SSP Optional True
Package change package_change The product of a subscription has been changed (separate from upgrades/downgrades), triggered by customer service Optional True
Order validation change order_validation_change Subscription validation of package/campaign (i.e. age validation) has decided that the customer is no longer eligible for the product Optional True
Payment method changed payment_method_changed The payment method used for a subscription has been changed by the customer Optional True