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This version is currently available.

Paywall CSS version 1.3

Target audience: Developers, Stakeholders

Including the CSS

For the Tulo Paywall to render as it should, you will need to include our CSS on your site. Choose the correct file, depending on what environment and version you are working in.

Environment URL

Embedding your Tulo Paywall

The Paywall CSS is available in multiple versions. To avoid introducing breaking changes and browser caching issues, new features in the Paywall CSS will be introduced as new versions. You can read more about all available versions here.

We strongly recommend you use the same version for both the CSS and JavaScript files to guarantee everything works as intended. For example, if you use v1.3 of our JavaScript, you should also be using v1.3 of our CSS. The changes that have been introduced in a version (as compared to it's predecessor) are available at the bottom of the page of each version.

Changes from version 1.2

Support for custom containers

If you would like to specify your own custom container where the Paywall should be dropped in to your site, CSS version 1.3 or above must be used.