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Events Overview

Target Audience: Users, Developers, Stakeholders


This document defines how events are triggered in the system, which in turn can trigger emails being sent as well as other operations depending on the triggering event.


Name Description
account_activated_for_existing_customer Existing customer activates his/her account
account_password_reset_complete When a customer has completed the password change. Can be used to notify the customer that the password has been change
account_requested_email_change The user requests to change his/her email address from "My account"
account_requested_password_reset When a customer has requested to reset his/her password
gift_invite When a user has sent a gift to somebody else
gift_sent When a user har sent a gift to somebody else
new_account_registered A new account is registered
new_checkout_account_registered When an account has been registered automatically using Payway Checkout
order_closed A order is closed, happens at a successful payment, product has been provisioned to the users account
on_payment_user_product_frozen When a product is "frozen" due to a failed payment, credit card has expired or there is no payment profile registered on the customer
package_sharing_initialized When a user shares his/her package
payment_success At a successful payment on a order
payment_failure At a failed payment on a order
payment_retry When a recurring payment fails, indicates that a automatic retry will happen.
payment_retry_successful When a automatic payment retry is successful. The subscription is renewed.
payment_user_agreement_invalid_state When the agreement between customer and PayEx is not valid and cannot be used for charging recurring payments
payment_user_product_renewed When a customers product has been renewed, valid-to date has been adjusted as a result of a recurring payment
payment_user_product_deactivated When a customers product is deactivated as a cause of: Failed recurring payment and Products valid-to date is passed