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Marketplace Themes

Target Audience: Users, Developers


Marketplace themes allows a connection to be made from Marketplace and Marketplace groups to HTML and CSS-templates. While this will serve no function in itself, this allows you to set up different appearance-based configurations which can later be fetched and used via our Marketing API's.

This feature is by default disabled and will have to be enabled by Adeprimo. If you are interested in this feature, feel free to contact our support.

How to use themes

In order to set up a Marketplace Theme, navigate to PAP -> Marketing -> Themes. In here, you will be able to decide on a few things:

  • Name: The name of the theme. For internal use only.
  • Default: Whether the theme should be considered a default theme, or not. If no theme is configured on a given marketplace, we will instead search for a default theme.
  • HTML- and CSS templates: Decide which templates should be used for different areas of your theme.

While a theme can be set up without any associated HTML Templates or CSS templates, they will have no usage without them.