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The Payway account model

Target Audience: Users, Stakeholders, Developers


In Payway(PW) the account defines a customer. Connected to an account are e.g. subscriptions and orders.

Account lifecycle states

Account lifecycle

Created state

The created state is the initial state when the account is created. In this state, the account is unusable and must be activated.

Active state

The active state is the normal state for an account. In this state, the account has access to all the functionality of Payway. Accounts are automatically activated during purchase, activation, or registration.

Archived state

If an account is archived it receives the status archived. When archived all identifying data is removed from the account. This process can be reversed from PAP if done within 30 days.

Inactive state

If an account is inactive it has no access to the functionality of Payway. An account often receives this state due to misuse. The e-mail of an inactive account cannot be used to register a new one. An account can, if need be, be reactivated in PAP.