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External ID

Target Audience: Administrators


This section describes the External ID section of Payway.

What are External ID's?

External ID's (also called Identity Mapping) is a way to create a link between an account in Payway, and a third-party representation of that account. It works in somewhat similar ways to a customer number, where the customer number is the link between two different accounts, but with the difference that External ID's are not used automatically nor bound to a specific subscription system.

How do I view the External ID's of an account?

To view the External ID's of account, simply navigate into the relevant customer account (PAP => Customer Service), and on the left-hand side you will find a link for "External ID:s".

How do I add an External ID to an account?

Unfortunately, External ID's between a Payway account and a third-party cannot currently be configured via PAP, and as such these have to go be configured through our API.

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