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Update subscription system parameters

Target Audience: Users, Developers, Stakeholders, Customer service


When you don't want to adjust the infosoft product mappings manually via PAP, you can raise a fee-based ticket and we'll do it for you.

Before we can perform this task for you, you'll need to fill out the spreadsheet-templates corresponding to your needs. For us to be able to process your request in time, we strongly suggest you submit the request at least two weeks prior.


Update Infosoft parameters

A description of the columns found in the template.

Column Name Description
ProductCode The Payway product code, eg. adeprimo_digital
NewCampaignCode The new infosoft campaign code
NewMarketingActivityCode The new infosoft marketing activity code
NewOfferCode The new infosoft offer code
Comments Anything you want the developers to know!