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Feature is in active development. And so is this section of the documentation.

Getting started with Payway and Billecta

Target audience: Developers, Stakeholders

Getting started checklist

  1. Contact Billecta or use their portal to setup credentials.
  2. Contact Adeprimo to enable the feature.
  3. Establish communication between Payway and Billecta by doing the initial setup.

Billecta API user credentials

  • For test/staging environment you'll probably only need one set of credentials e.g. one API user.
  • For production depending on how you want to split your orders/economy, you may want separate credentials for each Payway title. This is done by setting up multiple API users connected to separate creditors.


  • Added as an addon.
  • Request credentials from adeprimo

Initial setup

  • Establish communication between Payway and Billecta
  • Setup payment periods in PAP
  • Test in stage
  • Same procedure in prod
  • Test in prod


  • Invoice flow chart
  • Setting recommendations