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Target Audience: Users, Developers

Release version: 4.6.2


Payway paywalls offers an easy way to package and sell your offers on your own site. What is presented to the user, everything from texts, prices and design, all can be controlled by you.
This is made possible by combining an offer and a template into what we call a paywall.

All this is available for editing in Payway Admin (PAP).


Configure a paywall

To create your first paywall you will need to go through the following steps.

  • Decide which package, campaign or ranked campaign group you intend to offer. Other types will become available as the feature is developed.
  • Create an Offer.
  • Create a Template.
  • Create a Paywall that ties these two together.

Delete a paywall

You are allowed to delete paywalls in PAP. Note: This will not remove the offer and template connected to the paywall.

Where can I find paywalls in PAP?

  • Marketing => Paywall