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Paywall - Offers

Target Audience: Users, Developers

Release version: 4.6.2


Paywall offers is the part of your Paywall that ties into what campaign, package, or ranked campaign group you are offering. And to what price?


Configure a Paywall Offer

To create your first paywall offer you will need to go through these steps.

  • Set name. This is a name only used internally within the Payway platform. It is not exposed to the end user.
  • Choose type. This defines what kind of offer the paywall will present. Is it a package, campaign, ranked campaign group, or something else?
  • Choose an offer. The package, campaign, or ranked campaign group you intend to offer. This list is filtered based on your type choice.
  • Choose offer period. The pricing for the offer.

Paywall offer Example when editing an offer

Paywall offer Overview of your created offers

Delete a Paywall - Offer

You are allowed to delete offers in PAP. Note: An offer cannot be removed if it is in use. An offer is considered to be in use when connected to a paywall.

Where can I find Paywall - Offers in PAP?

  • Marketing => Paywall => Offers